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Are You Struggling With The Loss Of A Loved One?

Unfortunately, the passing of a loved one or close friend is something we all have to experience in life. We lose parents, siblings, spouses, dear friends, even children, and it can seem impossible to find closure in these situations.

A friend or family member’s death can leave a person feeling completely helpless and alone. Bereaved people experience stress, anxiety, and depression after losing someone they care about, it may even seem impossible to move on or function properly ever again.

Grieving is a process that takes time and it is perfectly normal to feel anxious or afraid. Sadness, fear, and even anger are common reactions we see. In times like this, the support of friends and family is essential and helps us reconcile the loss.

Maybe You Need Grief Counseling?

In times of loss and grief, our first instinct is to lean on friends and family to help us get through difficult situations. But it can be hard to open up and talk about your feelings, even with people you know. You may feel as though they cannot relate or understand your emotions, or that they would judge you in some way.

It can feel awkward to talk with people close to you, especially when it is about intimate personal details regarding the deceased. In such cases, it is possible that the unresolved trauma you have experienced starts manifesting itself both physically and mentally.

When left unaddressed, sorrow and grief can become depression and anxiety. When allowed to worsen, these feelings can become detrimental to your psyche and life. We often see people withdraw from society, lose interest in work and life, and even develop physical ailments due to poor mental health following the death of a loved one.

If you have these concerns for yourself or someone else in your life who has lost a loved one, grief counseling may be the answer. At Eclectic Psychotherapy, we aim to help individuals who have suffered a loss and are having trouble adjusting. Our therapists have decades of experience and have helped thousands find peace after losing someone close to them.

Grief can be so much more than just sadness. It can be a physical, spiritual, and a social barrier that keeps you from living your best life.
Grief counseling is a form of psychotherapy that aims to help you deal with the overwhelming emotions associated with losing a loved one and live a happier, healthier life.

If you are still unsure whether grief counseling is for you or not, allow us to outline some signs that might indicate the need for grief counseling.

Signs & Symptoms That You Need Grief Counseling


When grieving, it is easy to become depressed and unmotivated. The loss of those close to us can feel like something that can never be reconciled, leading to sadness and lack of interest in work and life. This is a common symptom of grief and one that can be dealt with with the right counseling and support.


Do you find yourself feeling worried and anxious without cause? It is a common reaction to loss and can affect the way you live, work and interact with others. Panic attacks, shortness of breath, an unease in day to day life are all symptoms of anxiety. Grief counseling professionals can help you manage your emotions and resolve the issues that cause these feelings.

Substance Abuse

Another sign that you could benefit from grief counseling is substance abuse. If you or someone around you has recently started abusing drugs or alcohol, it may be in an attempt to escape from unresolved trauma brought about by the loss of someone close. This is simply ignoring the problem instead of dealing with it and you can quickly develop substance dependency. Grief counseling seeks to help you deal with your problems rather than running from them.

Fluctuations In weight

Rapid weight gain or weight loss is another indicator that you are experiencing complicated emotions that have started affecting your body. Lack of appetite or excessive consumption can signal a change in your psyche that leads to unhealthy eating. We often see people developing eating disorders after losing a loved one. This only adds to the problem rather than dealing with it.

Sleeping Problems

If you have trouble sleeping or find yourself sleeping too much, it can be due to the complicated emotions related to death and loss. Some people start sleeping heavily so that they do not have to think about their issues, while others find it impossible to rest. This may even be related to the aforementioned substance abuse. In any case, an unhealthy sleep schedule means there is something on your mind that is causing distress and restlessness.

Anger management issues

Perhaps you find yourself feeling angry or having violent, unexplained outbursts. This is another sign that you may need grief counseling. Your anger stems from feelings of powerlessness, stress, and even guilt. When ignored, these feelings can lead to violent, erratic behavior that makes you a danger to yourself and others around you.

If you find yourself experiencing any of these things, grief counseling could help you ease your mental anguish. At Eclectic Psychotherapy, we can help you deal with and manage these issues so that you can live a better, less stressed life.

Grief Counseling Services In Long Island

Our mission at Eclectic Psychotherapy is to help people who are suffering from poor mental health. Our grief counseling services are geared towards individuals who have lost a loved one and need help dealing with the loss.

While it may seem hopeless at times, know that the things you are feeling can be resolved and dealt with. It may seem impossible right now, but you can move on and find peace again. All you need is a bit of help and support.

But sometimes, we cannot bring ourselves to talk about or even fully accept the situation. Grief can become depression, causing us to isolate ourselves and shut out others who are trying to help.

We Can Help With Your Grief

Like any mental issue, grief is a very real and natural part of life that should not be ignored or swept under the rug, nor should you feel as though you are at fault for feeling the way you do.

There is a lot of stigma surrounding mental health, but we believe it is just as integral a part of life as one’s physical well being. As such, you need someone who has a deeper understanding of mental health to help you figure out your problems. That is where we come in.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is grief counseling necessary?

It has been proven time and again that counseling is one of the best ways of dealing with and overcoming feelings of grief related to the loss of a loved one. Like any mental problem, it requires a lot more attention and experience to be done properly.

Is grief counseling expensive?

Ignoring mental health is no different from ignoring your physical health, so counseling is a necessary process. The cost for grief counseling is no different than our normal session rates which we strive to make competitive and affordable. We also accept insurance plans such as Aetna, BCBS, Cigna, and United Healthcare/Oxford.

What exactly does the process entail?

Over the course of the treatment, you will work with our certified counselors to figure out the root cause of your grief and address it in a way that results in lasting happiness and contentment. The process involves discussing your feelings with your counselor who will help you better understand them.

You may be asked to learn new skills or think about things from different perspectives. You may be assigned tasks and exercises that aim to improve your mental health as a whole. Really, the process differs from one person to the next.

Should I just deal with grief on my own?

Everyone has a different reaction to grief. While you might think you are better off dealing with it on your own, the truth is that most people lack the skills and experience needed to properly navigate mental issues, thus necessitating a professional grief counselor.

How long will the process take?

Grief counseling is a complicated, time consuming process and the time it takes to properly understand and address grief varies from person to person. We have seen people recover as quickly as a few weeks to a few years. It all depends on the severity of the case.

The Grief You’re Experiencing Isn’t Forever

We know it seems like your grief will never end, but the truth is that by considering counseling, you have already taken the first step towards healing. We have worked with thousands of people and helped them overcome their grief. Start your journey today at Eclectic Psychotherapy.

Our therapists are medical professionals with decades of experience in their fields, offering the best care and counseling services. We understand that mental health is a sensitive matter and requires more attention. Moreover, we believe that anyone is capable of change and growth, given the right counseling.

So, if you are ready to make a change for the better, or just need someone to talk to, contact us today and take the first step towards a more peaceful life.

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