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When it comes to mental health, it is just as important as one’s physical wellbeing. In fact, ignoring mental issues and problems can be just as bad as ignoring physical ailments.

The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that over 6.7% of the US adult population struggles with depression and other mental issues. Even more concerning is the fact that worldwide, over 10% of the population reports having struggled with depression at some point in their lives.

This just goes to show how prevalent mental health is in today’s world. Perhaps the biggest problem is that a staggering 50% of individuals who suffer from mental problems never reach a professional therapist.

Depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems afflict people of all ages, genders, and socioeconomic backgrounds. It is an illness that affects all aspects of life, from work and studies to personal relationships.

Thankfully, like any illness, there are treatments and medical professionals who better understand the issues people face. Therapists with years of experience treating mental illness can help you figure out your problems and live a peaceful, more satisfying life.

At Eclectic Psychotherapy, we have a team of dedicated therapists and counselors who have been working in their field for decades. We have had great success helping individuals with mental issues find the solution to their problems.

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental problems such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, paranoia or any other mental issue, we can help you figure things out.

How A Therapist Can Help You

The role of a therapist is similar to that of a physician. It is a therapists’ job to identify and diagnose the issue you are facing and recommend the best way to deal with it to live a healthier, happier life. Therapy extends to more than just your mental health and into all aspects of life. Your therapist can be a guide, a counselor, and a friend who is there to listen, advise, and assist you on the road to mental and spiritual improvement. Day to day, you will discuss your issues and concerns with your therapist, and they will help you gain a deeper understanding of the things that cause you mental anguish. After understanding the nature of the problem, you will work alongside your therapist to find a lasting solution.

Signs You Need A Therapist


The number one reason people seek therapy is that they are struggling with depression. It is a prevalent condition that can manifest itself in a number of different ways. Prolonged sadness, lack of motivation, trouble sleeping, lack of focus, drastic changes in weight, substance abuse, and hopelessness are just a few of the possible symptoms of depression. It can have different implications for different people, but the best treatment is still therapy.

Substance Abuse

Substance abuse or escapist behavior is undoubtedly linked to mental anguish. It arises when people try to run from an issue rather than deal with it. Drugs, alcohol, and even food can become addictive when people depend on it for short-term and short-term release. Rapid changes in weight, declining physical health, and permanent damage to one’s physiology follow.


If you feel restless, uneasy, on edge, or otherwise unable to calm down at times, You may suffer from anxiety. It causes paranoia, overthinking, racing thoughts, feelings of dread and fear, insomnia, irritability, and panic. For some, it is a state of mind that plagues them at all times. For others, it is brought on by specific events or triggers around them. Whatever the case, anxiety can become a serious problem if left unaddressed. Many of our patients at Eclectic Psychotherapy struggle with anxiety and find that therapy helps them deal with the issue healthily and constructively.

Self Harm

People often exhibit self destructive behavior where they will physically injure or harm themselves. This is not normal, and the mental component cannot be ignored. It could be that a person is trying to punish themselves for something or use physical pain to escape from mental anguish.

If you or someone around you exhibits similar behavior, you could benefit from therapy at Eclectic Psychotherapy. As such, many people are often confused about what exactly therapy entails.


Perhaps you have been feeling a lot of pressure or fatigue. Maybe you are failing to meet deadlines at school or work. Stress is a normal part of any busy individual’s work. Still, when it starts permeating to other areas and decreasing your quality of life, it could signal a more severe condition that needs immediate attention. We believe that stress is a problem that can be solved with the right help and guidance.

Change In Sleep And Appetite

Poor mental health can have a huge impact on your sleep and appetite. Some people will hide in bed and sleep away during the day, while others can’t catch a moment’s rest and lie in bed all night. In stressed situations some overeat and others don’t eat at all.

What’s important is if you’ve noticed a significant change in your eating or sleeping patterns, you may want to seek the help of a therapist to unravel the root cause of these issues.

Common Concerns Of Seeing A Therapist

‘Talking about my issues will only make them worse.’

Understanding your problems rather than ignoring them can more effectively help you address them in a healthy, lasting way.

‘Therapy is not effective.’

Studies show that therapy is the best way of addressing mental health conditions, more so than even medicine.

‘Seeing a therapist is a sign of weakness.’

People believe that by seeking help, they are giving in to their mental issues. In reality, it is no different than consulting a doctor about a physical ailment.

‘If I attend therapy, I will be considered crazy.’

Over 10% of the population struggles with depression or other mental health problems. Counseling is meant for entirely sane people who are experiencing the typical struggles of life.

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How Therapy Can Help You

Time and again, therapy has been proven to help individuals with their mental health, even more so than medication. One of the benefits of a professional therapist is the lasting effect that helps a person stay healthier for longer.

Therapy is about more than just figuring out a problem for today. It is about helping people solve their issues so that they can live a happier, more fulfilling life. One statistic states that a person who actively seeks therapy is better off in the long term than 80% of people who do not.

So how exactly does therapy work, and what benefits could it have for your mental health?

Psychotherapy is a process whereby you work alongside a certified therapist who helps you understand and conquer your emotions. It involves a wide variety of practices aimed at finding the root cause of an issue and understanding how it affects the individual’s psyche.

Psychotherapy is a process whereby you work alongside a certified therapist who helps you understand and conquer your emotions. It involves a wide variety of practices aimed at finding the root cause of an issue and understanding how it affects the individual’s psyche.

An integral part of the process is talking with your therapist and helping them better understand your problems and concerns. Throughout your treatment at Eclectic Psychotherapy, your therapist will help you understand the nature of your problems and come up with strategies that allow you to deal with them.

Besides that, your therapist may recommend that you take up new activities or change your lifestyle to resolve underlying mental problems. Therapy is also helpful as it gives you a new perspective on your life, behavior, and relationship with others around you. Your therapist supports you by helping you dig deeper in an attempt to find permanent solutions to your problems.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will conversations with my therapist be confidential?

Therapists are legally bound to not share anything you discuss during therapy. This includes your personal information, work history, and of course, personal life.

Is therapy expensive?

Therapy is an ongoing process that requires time and resources to be effective. So from a dollar to dollar basis it can be expensive over time. However, we urge you to consider the immense benefits counseling offers, namely the lasting therapeutic effect on your life, and to finally unravel the issues you’ve been struggling with. Because it’s so important for those who are struggling with their mental health to seek help from a therapist to live a life full of fulfilment and happiness.


How long will this take?

Therapy is a complicated process, and you should prepare yourself for a few weeks to a few years of consistent effort.

Will I need to take any medication?

Your therapist may prescribe you some medicine, depending on your condition.

Will I need to change my routine or take up any new activities?

Your therapist may advise you to change certain aspects of your lifestyle if detrimental to your mental health.

Our Team Of Top Therapists In Long Island

At Eclectic Psychotherapy, we have several esteemed therapists and counselors who cater to a wide variety of problems that face people every day. 

Whether you need therapy for yourself, marriage counseling, family therapy, grief counseling, or any number of other services, our therapists provide the best services. 

We understand that each person is different and expects specific things from therapy. As such, there are other therapists for whatever you need help with or want to achieve. With decades of experience in the field, we are proud to offer therapy services that work and last over time.

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